Cleansing techniques

Whether we are cleansing with Salt, Water, Smoke or Crystals the practice remains the same for all. Firstly, bring positivity to the environment free of fear and full of love. One may wish to speak out loud the words ” By the power of love, life and light, from the creating source, I purify this place and ask all lower energies to leave with love and compassion”. (One would be emitting high and positive energy through intention and words). As one repeats this Mantra or words to this effect, they would walk around the space filling it from corner to corner with whatever they are cleansing it with. If one is using salt, Crystals or Plants, then place them in the corners of the room or rooms in the house. If smoke or water is being used then spread them throughout the environment, high and low in all corners and crevices. In a two story property, one may wish to begin at the bottom and work up through all of the rooms.

** Be mindful of smoke alarms and smoke damage if burning or smudging **

If one is cleansing themselves or another person then it is pretty much the same. Bring positivity to the environment free of fear and full of love (emitting high and positive energy to repel lower and heavier energies). Begin at ones feet and spread the smoke or water on them and around them, working the way up and finishing off at the head (Crown Chakra).

Native Indians used White Sage for centuries to remove negative energies from the environment. Only recently has science proven that the smoke of Sage actually killed 90% of the bacteria within the air where the smoke was present. The cleansing rituals (especially with smoke, salt and water) do not only cleanse the environment on an energetic level but on a physical 3 dimensional level too 🙂

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