Iboga Plant medicines


“The key to all of our behaviors is hidden in a box that we can’t open using normal tools, our subconscious needs a different recipe than the one we have been using.” – Gerard Powell

Iboga is a plant medicine which is sacred to the indigenous people of Central Africa. It has been used in ceremonies for centuries for spiritual initiation and personal healing among many other things.

Similar to Ayahuasca, it is revered as a sacred medicine, however, iboga is a completely unique spirit to the other sacred plants. The journey on Iboga is different (as with all sacred plants) but the destination and results can be incredibly similar. The bark of the root contains an alkaloid called ibogaine which is used to combat mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, addiction and other debilitating illnesses.

Deep fears, self-defeating behaviors, negative self-talk, childhood issues, and limiting beliefs are brought to light so that they can be healed by the individual. Iboga will not take away the problems, but will shine a light upon the source of the problems so that the user can have the clear path to their problems illuminated.

The medicine can induce a deep spiritual awakening and can be a powerful spiritual aid for those who walk a spiritual journey.  As with all psychedelics, the journey is tough and equally as beautiful, it also provides rapid spiritual growth within the 8 to 10 hours of the medicines effects.

*** There are many medical and psychological conditions which must be looked at closely before working with Iboga or similar psychedelics. This page is for informational purposes only. This page is NOT intended as professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment recommendation, personal suggestion, or endorsement ***

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