Joseph’s Understanding of Addiction

In regards to the science of Addiction, I do not feel that the mind is broke as the official scientific understanding suggests. I do not feel that the brain is acting disorderly at all – quite the opposite. If someone is suffering internally, of course their unconscious mind and body are going to work together to make themselves (the addict) feel good, or escape a painful situation, it is built into the design of human beings to escape pain and to seek pleasure. The unconscious parts of the body or mind which drive the addiction, do not know what negative effects addiction has on people, families, communities or the world on a conscious level, Nor is it their concern. The mind and body only know from an unconscious place that a “feel good chemical” at this time will help out, from past memories they know how to get it – and they want it now.

I believe that it would be fair to assume that most of humanity today are most probably addicted to something. They do something or take something on a regular basis which gives them a hit of the “feel good brain chemical”. Or if that is not so, then they certainly engage routinely in acts which allow them to escape the present moment and ultimately escape themselves and their thoughts. Based upon this understanding, we have a world of addicts. In different degrees of course, but addicts on some level nevertheless. The thing is, many people would never actually know if they were addicted or not, because the act or outlet in which they choose is not destroying their life or the lives of the people around them, therefore they would have no need to ever stop it – on the surface, it is serving a positive purpose in their lives. Only when the negatives consume the positives would one see their desired outlet as a problem. This is why addictions such as; drugs, alcohol, gambling or sex tend to be the most destructive and well known, because they clearly begin to have a detrimental effect upon the addict and all those who surround themselves with them.

I truly feel that the problems of modern humans, aswell as the solutions, both lie within the core of the human being. If one can re-connect to their inner spirit, then they could ease the internal emptiness or dis-ease that they feel, which would allow the mind and body to re- adjust and work accordingly (In the favour of the Addict). As a result, the addict would no longer be commanded by the brain to engage in unwanted acts or substances in order to find peace or pleasure, as the body would already have everything it needed to function, without the need of seeking an external medicine.

A re-connection to source or spirit would ensure that the compulsion to move towards a specific substance or act would stop. The body, the mind and the spirit would have enough fulfillment in the essence of the universe and the divinity within themselves, to no longer require that external stimuli, and new pathways would be created to achieve this. The addict would experience a radical change in their behaviour, outlook, personality and perception of themselves.

Though, when it comes to a true “Addict”, they could never engage with those old behaviours or substances ever again. Even if they wished to do so recreationally, after having overcome their addiction or problems, the years of abuse would have created or unearthed a physical or mental blueprint, whereby once they begin to re-engage with a substance for example, the body and mind would demand more and more of it, and force the reformed addict on a spree once again. Just because those neurological pathways which were once compelling them to use drugs were no longer needed, does not mean that they are not still present- they are, and readily available if reacted. If the old substance were reintroduced into the system, (whether the person be spiritually healthy or not), it would initiate by default, the old neurological pathways once responsible for the compulsive addictive behaviour – and like before, the individual would have no control in regards to the substance – in essence they would be demanded neurologically to seek out more, like a biological or neurological programmed algorithm. I believe, that this is why a true addict can never be free of Addiction on the biological or psychological level. Though again, they are able to live a normal and addicted free life through the power of the spirit and by keeping themselves spiritually full and healthy. That would provide them with everything that they need to function in this world and to live contently within themselves free of the necessity to seek peace or pleasure externally – as their spiritual wholeness would have provided that to them. Though to reach this state of spiritual being and connection takes radical work, and to maintain this state of being… well, that takes even more.

It is imperative that any Addict who lives in a recovered state, continues to enhance and work upon there spiritual nature and live a life which corresponds with it. That maybe a life of purpose, love, forgiveness, kindness, peace, expression, creativity and acceptance etc. If the person begins to lack in these areas, and begins to live away from their true spiritual nature, then the body and mind will do what they were trained to do for all of those years, which is to use those old pathways within the brain to command the Addict to move towards that old “feel good” substance or act. The body and mind still know that those “feel good chemicals” are not too far away, and will command the Addict to return to them if necessary to bring relief or peace back to the system if the spiritual source is no longer fulfilling and guiding the Addict. (Due to the Addict not maintaining connection or living mandatory way of life which is required for sobriety).

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Somebody who is suffering with Addiction, in my experience, needs a radical, spiritual, mental and emotional wake up. They must transform their being and create a new way of living both internally and externally. A change of epic proportions is required to override the pathways which they have created within their body and mind. The power of the universe is within us all and will always assist. They must recognise that consciously by themselves they are unable to make the deep changes necessary to stop living an addicts life. Instead they require their spirit and the universe to take control and continue to guide them forward…. this requires a lot of difficult and unfamiliar action to achieve this. They must learn to live in a way which is the opposite to how they once lived and behaved as an active addict, and in most cases, how they have lived their whole adult lives. This takes continuous maintenance to prevent a slip back into their old ways. If this happens, and a point is crossed, the spiritual aspects would begin to reverse. In response to this, the mind and body will find a way to escape the toxic internal environment of the Addict and command them to return back to the old substance or act, in order to receive the needed “feel good chemicals” once more – this is known as a relapse.  The Addict may not wish to return back to their old ways, but it is all happening on an unconscious level, deep deep down within them.  In the rooms of recovery, this is an example of what they call being “powerless”.

Permanent recovery is not always easy, I know, but within this universe, anything is possible if you truly want it…….

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