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“The drive of the spiritual seeker and their journey of personal development is not a temporary process, it is a life long pursuit.” – Joseph Burke

My name is Joseph Burke and I am 31 years old from Birmingham in the UK. In my 31 years of experiencing this life, I have been blessed with many ups and downs and with many victories and failures, all which have sculpted my character and my unique outlook on life. I have a wonderful and supportive family, life long friends and a beautiful partner, all things which at one point were hanging in the balance.

After experiencing many years of alcohol and drug abuse, topped with a slow and isolating spiritual awakening, my life took an unexpected turn back into 2015 and I found myself at my rock bottom, in a dark and helpless place. I was plagued by suicidal thoughts, enslaved by substances and alone with my unbearable mind. I could not manage my emotions, my thoughts, my low self esteem nor my destructive behaviors and rejected all help from the outside world because I believed I could get through it alone – how wrong I was.

By the grace of something far bigger than me, I was given the courage to take back my life, create new foundations and clean up my act in every area of my life. After vigorous self reflection, financial bankruptcy, help from others and a deeper awakening, I worked towards putting things back into balance and finding some sort of equilibrium. I was blessed with a new outlook on life and with an understanding of myself. With this newly developed state of awareness, I continue to work everyday on keeping myself connected and directed, and moving towards being the best person that I can be.

Everyday the inner work continues. Continually moving forward, accepting myself fully and accepting everything for how it is in this moment, and doing what I can to consciously make things better for the future. I try to influence all those that I meet in a positive and loving way. It has been a privilege to have worked with so many people and being able to assist them in creating a better future for themselves and their families, a gift I can offer them, only because somebody else offered it to me. I believe that the universe guides us and provides us with what we need, but only if our minds are quiet enough to receive it.

I have been blessed by travel and the priceless lessons it has taught me.  My journeys have taken me to all but one continent.  From Australia, to Asia, from volcanoes to rain forests, from mountains to deserts,  each trip helping me to understand the world, and most importantly to understand myself. As with many awakenings, there was a dramatic shift in my perception of things, not only in the way I saw my place in this world but how I saw the world in general, and how much each person suffers quietly in one way or another. The world is a tough place and life is hard. The average being of this planet suffers within their own environment because they believe it to be the only way, but in many cases it is not. Of course we can not shift the banking systems to our favor or disrupt the fabric of government but we can take charge over our thoughts, connect back to the source energy and choose how we see this reality and decide how to live our own life.

The majority of my last ten years have been spent diving into various topics from psychology to philosophy, from ancient history to theology from spiritualism to quantum physics and everything I have ever researched has brought me to this moment and to this conclusion…..  Socrates said it best, “Our greatest wisdom is knowing that we know nothing at all”. Very apt indeed.  I have found that the more I peel away and look, the less I actually know in regards to the definite truth of things and I am finally at a place on my journey where I am fine with that. For someone who is a relentless seeker, that was a triumph and breakthrough in itself.

With that lesson of acceptance being learnt, I have now begin to navigate this world based on my own experiences and my own understandings and make decisions on what feels right to me. I remain open to what the universe provides and understand that nothing will ever occur that does not hold a lesson for me and the people around me.  As I move forward, adopting the belief that nothing is impossible and never dismiss anything, I have begun to focus outwards on other people, to perhaps assist them in being the people that they want to be, in a world that wants them to be just like everyone else. The beauty is the more that I interact with and assist others, the more they also help me on a deep spiritual level.

Creativity, self acceptance and an ever expanding faith are all that I require to move forward. I feel we are all miracles, as is the planet we live on and all life its self.  If we can create and express ourselves? Then that is the ultimate freedom. If we can remove the chains of social conditioning and disregard the judgements of others, then we can truly be free.  I wish to help any person on this planet who takes the initial step in wanting to help themselves. I know that ultimately I can’t control other people nor the world, in fact I move towards the belief that we as humans beings can actually control nothing but if we keep our intentions pure, our minds clear and our hearts full, we can continue upon this journey of life with gratitude and thanks for where we are, for where we were and where we are all going.

Maybe together we can be a stepping stone on each others’ path. Perhaps I could help you grow and you could help me? Everything happens for a reason and we are exactly where we are supposed to be…… so thank you for being here.


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