Benefits of fasting

With all types of fasting, whatever the intention, there are significant benefits to be gained from it. The benefits span from our physical bodies, through our minds and penetrate deep into our spirits. At the core of it all, one is willingly denying and refraining from indulging in food for a period of time for a certain purpose or higher cause. This in itself over a period of time has a profound affect on ones psyche and on ones life. To be able to resist the primal need for food and to deny the urge of consumption is a tremendous achievement, if one can manage that, then many other perceived difficulties which humans psychologically face can be overcome with ease.

Below are a few benefits of fasting though the list could go on and on.

Physical benefits

Increases Lifespan

Increases Body’s Resistance to Stress

Improves Brain Function

Aid in Preventing Cancer

Improves Immune System

Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Raises Growth Hormone Levels

Helps in Weight Loss

Helps Clear Skin and Prevent Acne

Lowers Risk of Deadly Diseases

Protects Neurons

Improves Memory

Enhances Cell Resilience

Lowers Cholesterol

Aids Organ Regeneration

Reduces Inflammation

Burns Fat for Fuel Instead Of Sugar

Increases Natural Energy

Spiritual benefits

Fasting Contributes To Self-Enlightenment

Soul Cleansing

Creates a Deeper Desire for the Divine

Creates New Found Gratitude

Breakthroughs of Awareness and Clarity

Enhances our Connection to the Spiritual

Spiritual Sacrifice and Growth

Mental benefits

Eases Depression

Gives the Mental Facets Authority over the Physical

Gives the Spiritual Facets Authority over the Mind

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