Diet health

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”
– Nikola Tesla

** No diet or nutritional advice will be given in this section**

Diet plays one of the most important roles for one’s overall health. The food which we consume is both energy and information, and by having this basic understanding, it may guide us to a healthier life and towards more spiritual food choices.  One may ask what is spiritual food? Well we have established throughout this whole site that “spiritual” is merely the acknowledgement of one’s inner self, soul or energy.  On that basis alone, spiritual food would suggest, food and sustenance which provides the highest and purest energy for the consumer.

All animals emit emotion whilst they live and as they die.  Emotion, like everything, is a form of energy, and it is stored within the body of the animal and then later absorbed by humans after consumption.  Eating animal flesh may not be the most efficient approach to true healthy eating on the energetic level.  In fact, eating anything which once produced emotion would probably not be the best source of food for humans at all.  If a cow was slaughtered and produced vast amounts of emotional fear before death, through the transference of energy, most of that fear would be consumed directly by humans, whereas eating a plant with no emotional body, would be much simpler and purer information for us to digest. We, on an energetic level, literally become what we eat. The information provided to us regarding meat as a necessity in our diet is false, and a balanced diet can be reached without it quite easily, whilst still receiving all the nutrients and sustenance that is required for healthy living. Therefore vegetarian diets, vegan diets and meat diets are all physically viable for a healthy way of living, however, on the energetic level as discussed, avoiding animals would be a healthier option for our spiritual growth.

There are many diets which could be described here in this section and many are great and may suit different people – I will focus on none in particular. As we all awaken, it becomes clearer to see that every aspect of our lives are being poisoned and food is no exception. I suggest that one questions food labels and ingredients and takes responsibility for what is consumed by them. I would suggest that one does their own research on the products and where they come from, what do they contain and why? This extends into the levels of fluoride in water supplies, the anti-biotics and bulking agents injected into meat, the chemicals sprayed upon our fruits and vegetables, the food which is not actually food but is marketed to be so, the origins of alternative vegetarian meats, the sugar content of almost every processed product, the list goes on and on.

May we become aware of everything and become conscious of what we consume, and once we find a diet that suits us on the individual level, may we find a way to balance our diet sensibly and moderately. Remember, we are what we consume and everything that we eat effects us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We must choose today to take responsibility for our own health and our own existence, and remember no one is morally better than anyone else for how they eat and live, the only things that separates peoples behaviours are free choice and awareness.

** This section is not to vilify meat eaters or sway opinion on them what so ever. Everyone is free to make their own choices without judgement or harassment from anyone or any organisation – The information provided is personal research and understanding. Do whatever feels right for you at this stage in your life and spiritual journey **

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