Introduction to Cleansing

Cleanse – “To make someone or something both clean and pure”

For thousands of years many ancient cultures have engaged in cleansing rituals to purify themselves, each other, their environment or their Aura’s. Native Americans, Amazonian tribes, ancient Celts and religions of the far east (to name a few), have used cleansing practices in many forms as part of their spiritual practice or everyday life. Cleansing comes in many forms from Music, Smoke, Salt, Plants or Mantra’s etc. Energy is everywhere. Heavy or negative energy can gather in a place or around a person, therefore, the fundamental aim of a cleanse is to disrupt or remove certain energies from a space or a person. These energies may be conscious (spirit or entity) or they can be unconscious (energy emitted from a person or traumatic past situation for example). Whichever form of energy it may be, a cleanse is the most efficient way to transfer one type of energy to another and purify the environment or ourselves. Everyday, an individual may encounter many people, in many different situations, and when they do the associated energies will be taken on and absorbed by that individual whether they are aware of it or not. We may not be able to protect ourselves or our environment fully from unwanted energies however, by undergoing regular cleansing rituals, we are able to return our environment and ourselves to the desired energy which we wish to reside in.

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