Introduction to Crystals

Crystals have been used throughout history for their ability to heal and conduct energy. Cultures around the world have used crystals and stones to clear, align and transform their energy and increase personal well being. The metaphysical properties of crystals were understood and recognized by the ancient cultures who integrated them into their everyday lives by wearing and interacting with them.

As our planet is undergoing a deep spiritual awakening, crystals, among many things, are returning to the lives of millions. There has been a surge in interest regarding the energetic healing powers of crystals and sacred stones.  Crystal healing is becoming a popular way to treat minor ailments and diseases and as tools to realign our spiritual energy points.

Science has confirmed that the entire universe is made up of energy – including solid objects.  The lower the vibration of energy, the more solid an object appears to be. On an energetic level, healing crystals and human cells are able to interact and effect each other as they are made up of the same types of energy.

When one places a particular crystal over a certain part of their body, their energy transforms, shifts and sychronises with the properties and energetic vibration of that crystal.

The energetic properties of crystals and stones are widely used in modern technology today. Science quickly recognized their efficiency in conducting energy and are a key component in many technologies i.e. watches and electrical appliances. Major studies have also been done on information being stored within certain crystals and stones for long periods of time. It is believed that certain crystals can hold the memory capabilities of up to 20,000 I-Phones.

Below are 3 primary ways that healing crystals can transform and align one’s energy


Crystals can absorb and remove certain types of energy from one’s body.


Crystals and stones can direct a certain frequency of energy into one’s body, mind or spirit through inducing resonating frequencies.


Healing crystals may be used to balance out areas of energetic disharmony within ones body or environment.

Below are some examples of how to use Crystals and Healing stones for your personal well being

Wear them – wearing a certain healing crystal can help one balance their energy field throughout the day.

Sleep near them – allowing healing crystals to work whilst one sleeps can penetrate any barriers that the rational mind may present by doubting or fearing. One could place a crystal on their bedside table or underneath their pillow.

Meditate with them – sitting with crystals and quieting one’s mind during meditation is a great way to receive the powerful energies of crystals. Depending on what type of crystal or stone is being used, this may dramatically change the effect of ones meditation due to the influence of the crystals vibration.

Place on a specific part of the body – if one is looking for a direct application they may place a crystal on a particular part of the body. This is done in Chakra balancing and is an excellent way to use a specific crystal vibration a specific area of the body.

Place around car or home – one may use certain stones or crystals to protect or attract certain energies depending on their energetic properties. Crystals also effect their environment therefore crystals can be placed anywhere for a desired effect.

Crystal grids – lay out specific types of crystals in specific positions. The patterns are designed to transmute and receive energies. This is a very powerful practice for amplifying and manipulating energy.

Move them around – crystals and stones can be moved around in certain ways to clear negative energy fields or to direct the crystals vibration into a certain area.

** One may check to see what type of crystal they wish to work with based on the attraction that they feel towards it and what specific outcome they desire based on the resonance of certain crystals and stones **

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