Introduction to fasting

Our physical bodies are connected with our minds and our spirits. Together our minds, bodies and souls create our Holy trinity. The physical act of fasting does not occur in isolation, it effects our minds and spirits just as much.

Every act of spirituality, internal growth and connection is a deeply personal thing. Therefore, only the individual could know what it means to be spiritual, as it is personal to them. As it is a subjective experience so to speak, the motivation for their fasting and what it means for them to fast, is known by them and only them. (This of course is true for any spiritual practice or experience).

A spiritual fast would often vary according to one’s faith, comfort, experience level, and of course, their personal goals. Spiritual fasting is something which can be practiced for general health and wellness or for a specific reason or goal.

Many find that a spiritual fast is a helpful way to manage a difficult life situation, overcome a test of faith, regain control over the mind or to simply reconnect with nature.

The act of fasting is physical but the motivation or purpose may be purely spiritual. It involves denying our bodies the basic need or desire for food. This is what makes the practice a fast and not just a practice of spiritual meditation or contemplation.

Denying the basic physical need of food is difficult but very rewarding. The concept is to deny ones body of its physical needs in order to shift the focus away from the body and towards their faith or spirituality.

The physical act of denying oneself food is an act of faith and strength as ultimately one is denying their deepest impulses, desires and necessities. Fasting is without a doubt an act of vigorous discipline and self-control. It is a practice of overcoming the desires of the flesh and the instincts of the physical body and mind. Spiritual fasting is a way of temporarily removing basic earthly things to create space for ones higher power or connection.

Fasting is a tool one can use to improve every aspect of their health. Physically, Mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

*** Precautions should be taken when fasting. Whether we fast as part of our lifestyle or fast on certain days of the year, our bodies need a certain amount of water and food to survive – this should never be neglected for large periods of time ***

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