Introduction to Meditation

The practice of meditation dates back to the beginning of recorded history. It is found throughout every culture, on every continent, and is used predominantly within a spiritual or religious context. Meditation is a practice or form where an individual uses certain techniques to achieve mental clarity, emotional balance or a heightened state of awareness.

Since the 19th century, certain meditation techniques have spread from their native lands to almost every global culture. Meditation is now used commonly in both private and business life.

Meditation can be used effectively to increase personal peace, enhance one’s perception, to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.  Meditation has been known to produce personal well-being and is continually being researched to further our understanding of its positive health effects. (Spiritual, psychological, neurological and cardiovascular)

“Meditation to me is going to that place which is separate from my mind – a place where I become the observer.  In essence, it transports me to a newfound state of awareness that for many years I never knew existed” – Joseph Burke

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