My Journey With Ayahuasca

My experience with Ayahuasca started long before I ever put the bitter sweet Plant Medicine to my mouth. In 2014, when I was struggling with myself and battling substance abuse, I came across the magical name of Ayahuasca. For the following 4 years I researched almost all there was to research about the sacred medicine in great depth. Hopeful and intrigued of what the “Vine of the Dead” could do for me, I prepared myself mentally, physically and spiritually to travel down to the Amazon Rain forest to participate in an Ayahuasca retreat. When I say prepared myself, I prepared as much as one can prepare themselves for a union with Ayahuasca – inadequately to say the least.

The location of the Retreat in which I attended took a long time to find. I realised that it was important to find a safe place – the right place. My research took me to the Western Amazonian town of Pucallpa, far from the commercial and fraudulent Ayahuasca sellers of Iquitos, Peru. Of course when I say that, I am not implying that all Iquitos Ayahuasca Retreats are fraudulent, however, because it is the “Tourist Ayahuasca Capital”, it made sense in my understanding, that there would be plenty of tricksters there who were only out to make a quick dollar. That is fine and each to their own, a Man has to eat, however, when it comes to Ayahuasca we all have to take responsibility for our own safety, as the possible complications could be endless if we found ourselves experiencing Ayahuasca in a dangerous or even an unloving environment. We are extremely vulnerable on Ayahuasca and that fact should not be taken lightly.

Within the four years of studying Ayahuasca intensely, I was blessed to have adopted a twelve step approach to my life and corrected all of my past sins and most importantly, did a lot of work on myself internally. When I eventually arrived in Peru in June of 2018, I was in a balanced place and I was ready to dive deeper into myself and hopefully advance upon my spiritual journey – and that I did. The community was wonderful, the Vegan food was amazing, the growth was unparalleled and the experience was indescribable. In 9 days I experienced every human emotion possible from the depths of pure fear to the liberation of other worldly joy. The experience was profoundly eye opening and incredibly difficult to understand, but in the depths of my despair there were extremely valuable lessons to be learnt. Ayahuasca will not change us, but it will shine a light on our true existence, how we interact with the world, why we behave how we do and it won’t hesitate to show us exactly the people that we are etc.

Check out my videos which I recorded after my Peru trip for a more in depth explanation of what happened before and after my Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru, South America 😀

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