My Story Poetry

I got to a point in my life about 7 years ago when my spiritual awakening was becoming extremely tough on me. I was beginning to become painfully isolated from everyone and my addiction to drugs and alcohol was in full swing. I continued to find my self around familiar faces who I had known for many years, but something was different, something was changing. I no longer had the interest in talking and listening to conversations about mundane things, the same uninspiring reel every week – so I stopped and retreated solely to my own company and continued on my quest for truth.

One day I remember waking up to words on paper. I could not remember writing them due to the heavy consumption of alcohol and Drugs but from that point on, I realised that I had found a way to vent my feelings, express my emotions and unburden the painful truths of the world which I was unveiling more and more of each day. I had found my outlet and it would get me through many tough times. I had found a hobby and I had found something that inspired me and I was good at it. I wrote relentlessly for years after and continue to write today. Poetry could have quite possibly of saved my life – or at the least… sanity.

In the poetry menu on the home page are poems which I have written about many subjects spanning the last seven years. Feel free to take a look and hopefully you may get something from them 🙂