San Pedro Plant Medicine

San Pedro AKA The Grandfather

“For the true traveller, the sacred plants open up the world of spirit pure and simple. We hold these truths to be self evident.” – Chris Kilham

The San Pedro cactus is similar to Peyote in its effects and make up. San Pedro contains the psychoactive alkaloid mescaline. Shamans of South American cultures prepare the plant by boiling it in water and concentrating the liquid through an effective process of evaporation. The juice is then ingested to induce a spiritual journey. As with many plant medicines, San Pedro opens the doors to the spirit world and has been used for centuries.

San Pedro contains antimicrobial agents which are to resistant bacteria.  Many users claim that the physical healing can include relief from diabetes, cancer, paralysis, cardiac disease joint problems, hepatitis, fever, high blood pressure, relief from kidney and bladder diseases – among dozens of other ailments. Many users report – relief from addictions and negative behaviors, spiritual awakenings, new found sense of purpose, a new understanding of life and their place in it. Again, dozens and dozens more benefits are reported by each user ranging from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.Like all the Plant Medicines the journey of San Pedro is psychedelic in nature and can be very difficult and testing upon the user. The spirit of San Pedro is thought to enter the user and work with them internally and provide truths on every aspect of their internal and external life.

*** There are many medical and psychological conditions which must be looked at closely before working with San Pedro or similar psychedelics. This page is for informational purposes only. This page is NOT intended as medical advice, diagnosis, treatment recommendation, personal suggestion, or endorsement ***

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