Types of cleansing

Burning or Smudging

White Sage, Frankincense resin, Cedar, Myrrh, Palo Santo (Holy Wood) and Mugwort are but a few of the many potent substances one may use to cleanse a space or themselves. Islamic, Christian, Ancient Indian, Amazonian and Wiccan all used the above to cleanse spaces and to ward off negative energies.


Salt has been used for centuries as a purifier and a cleanser. It is commonly used in Japanese, Chinese and New Age practices to either absorb negative energies or to ward off them off. Salt acts as an energetic sponge and draws energies, moisture and decay to it.

Sun Light

One may use the natural power of the sun to cleanse a space or them selves. For where there is light, there can be no dark.


Plants are an incredible filter to negative and heavy energies. The life sustenance of plants are able to boost positive vibes and increase the flow of energy into space. They purify the air, amplifying the sense of well-being in their environment.

High Frequency Music

Music (Sound Vibration) can be used to cleanse a space or person. Music is vibration and emits particular wavelengths based on what frequency the music is playing at. The frequency of 432Hz has always been associated with the vibration of nature and the planet. Any low frequency energies would be removed once a high frequency tone was introduced.


Crystals produce their own stable energy and certain crystals can be used to create a specific frequency within an environment. Black Tourmaline and Turquoise are known in many esoteric practices to produce cleansing and protective vibrations. As with all the cleansing practices, the aim is to disrupt pockets of lower energies by introducing higher frequencies to the environment. The higher and purer frequencies will always dominate, much like candle light in a dark room – the darkness will disperse.


Water is an amazing substance. It is now understood that water can carry information and store memories similar to crystals. The research of Dr.Yamoto also confirmed that negative and positive words, phrases and intentions effect the molecular structure of water therefore if positive, high vibrational intention is focused upon water then it will store that positive intention (energy). This is where we get the use of cleansing sprays and more commonly recognised – Holy water. The priest or practitioner would pray or speak intention into the water (positive energy) and use it to dispel the lower energies which it comes into contact with.

*** Our Intention, outlook and vibration may be the greatest key in overcoming negativity in our environment. When we love, forgive, understand, help, assist and produce positive thoughts ( All Energy), lower and heavier energy forms would be repelled as they are unable to exist in the same space as higher auspicious energies ***

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