Types of Crystals

There are literally thousands of Crystals and Healing stones known throughout the world. Below are a few types of crystals and the beneficial properties in which they hold for us.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is revered as high in the top protective stones. It can also assist with grounding and creating a shield against harmful electro-magnetic fields.


Citrine has many healing properties and attracts prosperity, abundance and wealth.


Attracts love, friendship and relationship energies. The “Luck Stone,” also brings forth good fortune and new opportunities.

Rose Quartz

This stone emits vibrations of peace, love and harmony. It may be used for for relationship troubles, healing inner child karma, emotional traumas or other emotional issues.


Amethyst can assist with cell regeneration, mood swings, insomnia, immunity, stress, anxiety, confusion of the mind, divine consciousness and higher intuition.


Carnelian is an energy booster which resonates with motivation, inspiration and confidence.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz vibrates to the energies of higher consciousness, higher wisdom, unconditional love and purity.


Selenite is used to cleanse the environment including other crystals and stones. Used as a connecting stone to the spirit world, intuition and one’s highest level of consciousness.


Linked with feminine energies. The Moonstone is associated with harmony, intuition, taming the ego and combating materialism in the modern world.


Stabilizes the auric field, transforms negative energy, raises self- awareness, heals anger, emotional insecurities and lack of self worth.


Referred to as the oldest stone of protection. Turquoise also strengthens the meridians of the body and supports intuition, contemplation and meditation.


Resonates with the earth and grounding and is modernly associated with finance.


Used commonly in amplifying psychic connections and heightening intuitive powers. Fluorite absorbs the surrounding negative energies and lower vibrations of the environment whilst also raising one’s vibration and protecting the auric field.


Garnet radiates qualities of health, the flow of creativity and the bringing of spirit down to earth.

Blue Topaz

Associated with creativity, advanced learning and memory. Topaz is also used for expanding the mind, aligning one with the spirit realm and opening the soul.


Resonates with the energies of truth, courage, conviction. This stone is also associated with balancing the intellect and intuition in regards to grounding and enlightenment.


Its spiritual qualities include higher insight, deeper meaning, wisdom, knowledge and self revelations.


The space rock – connects to Higher Frequencies and Higher Consciousness. It resonates with the energies of profound experiences, spiritual growth, otherworldly energies, protection, wealth, good luck and fertility. Moldavite is one of the most powerful stones one can use as it does not originate on earth.

** If purchasing Moldavite be careful and research before you buy as 90% of it circulating is fake due to its limited supply – within the next decade there will be no Moldavite available as it originates from a meteorite which has all been mined from the Czech republic region of Europe **

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