“All human beings are on a journey of spiritual growth to some extent, however, some people are consciously aware of it and others are not” – Joseph Burke

Do you find yourself to be lost down a dead-end street?  Are you struggling with life? Maybe addicted? Are you walking down a path of personal development and spiritual growth? Or are you just curious in expanding your current spiritual practices? If so, this site may help you and provide you with what you need at this time in your evolution.  With helpful tips, past experiences and daily practices all laid out on the table, I hope that you may find something that can assist you moving forward upon your spiritual path and journey through life.

I have created this website to provide an introduction to various topics which may assist you on your spiritual journey and improve your overall well-being.  I have not created pages and pages of in depth information but an easy to read surface look at various topics based upon my own experience, which have helped me, and that I believe can help you. All the information which I have included within this whole website comes directly from first hand experiences. I could of possibly referred to the common popular topics such as; angels, spirit guides and ascended masters etc, however, I have had no experience with them, therefore I will not be repeating information or expressing beliefs formed or given by other people – if I do not have an experience in something then I feel that I am unable to offer an opinion about it.

I have found that the spiritual path is fundamentally a confusing one.  It can be a mine field of emotion, thoughts, isolation, anxiety and self doubt. My experience has shown me that a person must be pointed in the right direction, but never shown where to go or what to see. A person will only awaken on their own by coming to their own understanding, through their own unique perspective and personal experiences.  I am just providing a little helping hand where I can because I know how difficult a spiritual and internal journey can be, and how much information there is out there and spread across so many different places.

Remember, all of us are growing and every person that we meet is a teacher who can show us something that we did not know. I would love to engage with other souls, other beings who wish to create, share ideas and grow. I am drawn to those who are consciously moving towards becoming better people, spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. Please feel free to contact me for a one to one chat or for any services which I provide (If every service could be given for free… it would be). If my experiences or techniques can aid another human being in any way, then it continues to make my whole journey seem more and more worth while.





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